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Hi, I’m Dr. Tracy Thomas, also affectionately known as, “The Reality Maker” I’m a Reality Maker™ who specializes in helping highly-driven People harness their highest intentions and live their top reality.

I’ve spent the last 20+ years pioneering the method for intentional reality making. As an award-winning reality maker, I’ve been published in hundreds of media platforms like SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, SELF, and Redbook, Authority Magazine, FORBES, Page 6, San Fransisco Chronicle, plus, I’ve appeared as a media expert on living a high performance reality in outlets such as CBS, NBC, EmpowerHER, MindBodyGreen, Livestrong, CNN and more.

I’ve written Best Selling books topping Amazon charts, and in the top ten on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List and the Barnes and Noble Best Seller List: The Commitments©, and The Method©. My newest book, The PatternShift©, is coming out in Jan. 2023.

I’ve also been a featured TED Talk guest, speaking on the positive effects of intentionality training and my proven method for intentional reality making. In addition to speaking, I train high-level clients, helping them develop the top level intentional creating ability.

I believe that Intentionality is a powerful gift. It opens the floodgates to intuition, intelligence and innovation. And when people learn how to direct it with drive and purpose, they can and do change the world.

Which is why, after training with multiple celebrities, executives, leaders and professionals, I’ve created the only comprehensive, mogul making program for highly driven Intentional People wanting true reality elevation. Designed specifically for high-level achievers, I’ve created a paradigm shifting method that goes beyond any typical coaching techniques or surface-level strategies, and takes our clients into the top level understanding of true reality making It’s the most rapid path to transcendent evolution and growth.

This is for the Thought Leaders. Artists. Visionaries. Who are the planet’s movers and shakers,
impacting lives with creativity and purpose.
When they wield their intentions with mastery, they achieve unparalleled levels of professional and personal success, influence and power.

In my career, I’ve helped numerous celebrities, sports figures, leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs including a Professional Pitcher, a Professional Golfer, an NFL Executive, a food industry Titan and a prestigious actor who received the Cecil B. Demille Award, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and more. I’ve also worked with the globe’s top doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and their families.

As highly-driven people, they are extraordinary human beings, with immense accomplishments and contributions across industries. However, with the addition of top-tier  intentionality training they created new, gainful outcomes. ALL of them created the luxury of time, experiences and opportunities. They became moguls and built dynasties, empires, and ever increasing wealth and health.

By developing true intentional strength, their realities completely transformed. Whatever their previous capacity, through a true immersion in intentional reality, they emerged as powerful creators. They fulfilled their dreams and created infinite possibilities. They stepped up their game and immersed themselves in the full mogul reality.

I believe that you, as an Intentional Person, are undeniably powerful. Through my reality making programs, books, media appearances and publications, I’ve influenced millions of people to transform their realities, and I’ve seen their power in action.

Because when you harness your intentional strength, you’re an unstoppable force of nature. You can dramatically change the world.

Because your intentions create everything, they dictate your entire reality. You’ve got important things to do, and intentionality is the ticket to your top reality. This is why the key to success is to step into your most Mogul Self. Every. Single. Day.

The world needs you to create your highest intentions, inspirations, and innovations. Everyone wants your top-level capacity, productions, and creations.

You’ve got responsibilities, goals and dreams. You’ve got a reality to shape. And an Intentional Mogul Reality is waiting for you.


One of the things I’m
often asked is, “how did you become a Reality Maker?”

Most People say I was born for this.

My career with Reality Making began from a young age. Interacting with my family members I could see they were at their best when they were focused on intentions, purpose, and what would make our reality better next.

Even at 4 years old, I was an observer of reality. Focused on intentionality, I did all I could to help my parents stay aimed at our priorities. I instinctively knew that I was part of a family that needed me to be my most intentional self. That is what I was committed to doing.

My intention was to see my parents and I gain every part of reality that was possible, and to be a family together forever. 

From then on, I regularly cataloged the reality within our family. I became the sounding board to different members of my family seeking a more elevated way of being. My family sought me out when they needed counsel, and I inhabited the role of confidant naturally.

As I grew, and understood more about how reality flowed, I noticed that our family, and each member, was at its absolute best when we were focused on a project, an event, a priority, a purpose, and a set of intentions.

People came together, got more connected, built better relationships, gained promotions, got more strategic, capitalized on more opportunities, and their decision making ability sky rocketed. In short, my family operated at its best when we were making an intentional reality as a team.

The success was so obvious to me, that being in our top level of intentions and focused on moguling our way through more elevated reality making, everything transformed. When we were at our most empowered, our reality elevated and we created an amazing family, and a successful empire, and dynasty. I learned how to mogul with the best of them.

I started life as a loving, entertaining, outgoing little person, and the more intentionality I gained, the more of a mogul I became. You are capable of doing the same.

“You are a powerful creator and
You’re responsible for what
you create in every moment…

The more you take charge of your reality, the greater the mogul you become.”

Heading into college, I was a star collegiate basketball player (with an amazing 3-point shot to this day), and was selected as the captain of every sports team I joined. From a young age, my father instilled in me a drive for excellence. He taught me that anything is possible with focused self-mastery. He was a top mogul and I took most of my cues from him. Representing the epitome of success, excellence and drive, he was bigger than life. Because he was so good at moguling, I worshipped him.

My dad was one of the most intentional people I’ve ever encountered. When he put his mind to achieving something, he was a force of nature, creating a reality for all of us to live in. He took everything that ever happened to him, and did everything he could to use it for good intentions. This is what I love most about him.

At a certain point in his trajectory he desired more purpose and greater intentionality in his life. What he needed was the strategic support of a high level mentor to take him to the next level of the game. This is what so many highly driven, intentional people are looking for, and this is why I have created an empire that is full of training programs that allow people to make their next level of reality and expand their intentionality infinitely.

My family, and so many people I’ve engaged with over the years, have shown me the importance of people being able to make a higher level reality for themselves. This has been my greatest inspiration and motivation for creating The Empire Company©, and the Mogul Reality Making Dynasty that I love so much.

“When people direct their intentions effectively, they have the capacity to change the world”


I’ve always been highly-driven. By the time I was 21, I graduated with my first of 3 degrees. By 23, I was making 6-figures, managing 30 people. By 31, I had purchased my third home in Manhattan, and was a real estate mogul living the American Dream.

I was gaining more intentionality and feeling my capacity to create reality. I absolutely thrived in New York having the freedom to do everything I wanted to try, while living in the world’s most ambitious city. I gained more confidence, wealth, and expanded my reality exponentially. I was transcending relationships, choosing connections that were better for me. I was triumphing over different emotional programs by reprogramming my reality, being near some of the top reality makers in the world. I was claiming my life for my own and exploring the edges of my capacity. Once I realized how liberating it was, I opened up to even more.

In my career I ascended the corporate ladder quickly, leading teams to unprecedented success. It was easy for me because of my passion about all the possibilities for people. I approached my life as a Reality Scientist, going deeper into mogul reality and all of its fabulosity. I went so far beyond the surface reality, to where life becomes a flow.

Because of my intentional reality making capacity people sought me out for strategic advice. To me, it was clear that the answer to everyone’s inquiry about how to live their top life was simply more intentionality.  My input and directions to support people led to incredible upgrades and improvements in their life. This gave me more reinforcement to continue on the path of being an intentional mogul, and helping others do the same.

The more I could see the need for increased intentionality the more I trained myself, as my own client, performing the most epic professional transformation and personal revolution. I have addressed every area of my own reality that could find to improve, and went further into a trajectory of positive influence, power, and wealth. My overall reality increased in happiness and flow. I became lighter and freer than ever. My relationships and my reality blossomed, while my sense of humor increased. I gained more intentional strength to construct my most elevated life. Understanding the simplicity of intentionality and all of its applications, I became the Captain of my Fate and the Master of my Reality.

Because my reality making skills were so impressive to others, I pursued my PhD in order to make a better impact on society. That’s when I fully-embraced my destiny as a Reality Scientist, and ultimately as a Reality Maker™.


“You can live a Mogul Reality.

You can automate  your creativity with purposeful intentions.

You can lead more powerfully. Laugh more loudly.
Love more connectedly.”

After I completed my Ph.D. in Psychology, (becoming a doctor of reality), I released the golden handcuffs of my successful corporate career. Soon after, I found a position within one of the most exclusive luxury treatment centers in the world, located in Marin County, California. 

Working with A-listers, leaders and executives, I flourished. I eventually opened two offices, one in Marin, the other in San Francisco, and wrote, “The Method, The Practical Path to Living Your Purpose and Potential©” and, “The Total Life Reset Manual.” I also built my global transformation dynasty and fully developed my Intentionality Training Methodology. Today, it’s the world’s first entirely Intentional Reality. It is in the form of a company and is the world class container that creates moguls and ensures people live out their destinies for generations to come.

All the years of focus in pure intentionality has allowed me to live a mogul reality, one that includes being surrounded by the most intentional people in the world who live out this great purpose along side me. In addition to creating the world’s first intentional reality dynasty, my mogul life includes training some the world’s most genius, purposeful people, and ensuring they bring their most important contributions to society. Top intentionality has led me to create an incredible life where I reside in the beauty of California’s wine-country where I transform realities, author best-selling books, and enjoy my days dancing and golfing with my beloved community. I’ve created an intentional reality, and I intend the same for you.

Which is why, after training multiple celebrities, executives, leaders, and professionals, I’ve created the only pure intentionality training program for highly-driven people wanting to live a live of Epic Reality Making. Designed specifically for high-achievers, I’ve created this paradigm-shifting method to move through transformations quickly, with the simplest, most powerful techniques accelerating growth and evolution. 

The transformation to an elevated life

Integrated and transformational, this intentional methodology allows you to become the most intentional version of yourself possible. It elevates you to the mogul status you’ve longed to achieve. 

Focusing on all of your intentionality, this program creates your most desired mogul reality. You only need to direct your intentions productively and everything comes into place.

Targeting your intentionality at its highest level, you become infinite in your complete creative capacity. Your productivity and performance skyrocket. 

Your focus on your most intentional future increases your confidence and the reality of your results soar.

Through intentionality your potential magnifies and you experience a world of infinite possibilities. This is where you truly have an opportunity to influence society.

You live in a state of continuous intentionality and experience all that a mogul reality has to offer. With boundless energy, creativity, and productivity, you’re free to achieve every goal of your dreams. You’re primed for global effect, and you become an agent of global change. 

This is a paradigm shift in your entire intentional constitution. 

This is an elevated life of Mogul Reality Making.

“When you become completely intentional

life begins to flow.

success builds exponentially.

reality becomes fabulosity.

and you become your mogul self.”

Enter Mogul Reality.

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In Dr. T’s TED Talk, The Emotional Strength Effect, you’ll discover why intentionality is so essential and why countless high-level achievers are following her lead.

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intentionality is your greatest strategy

Intentionality is the greatest strength you have. When effectively directed and combined with drive, intentional people are some of the most successful and powerful people of all time. They become moguls and influential contributors who shape the world. 

In Mogul Tracy’s best-selling books, The Commitments – A Step By Step Guide to Personal Transformation©, The Method – The Practical Path to Living Your Purpose and Potential©  and The Total Life Reset Manual she reveals the crucial playbook every highly-driven, intentionally purposeful person needs to become their top mogul self. Welcome to the mogul reality.













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