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Discover why intentionality is actually a gift
of creativity, influence and power.

The most powerful people, with the most powerful feelings, are the ones who have the chance to make the greatest contributions.

Intentionality is the link to possessing incredible gifts of creativity, intelligence and intuition. And when people combine this gift with drive, it becomes an asset that leads to influence, wealth, success and status.

Discovering The World Of Intentional Reality

Growing up in a high-powered family, Dr. Tracy Thomas has always been interested in the positive effects of intentionality. Even from a young age, she noticed the power of intentionality to elevate everyone and everything around her.

As a highly intentional person, she brought more intentionality to her entire reality and elevated it from the time she was little.

Determined to elevate her family and others into more intentionality, Dr. T pioneered the study of Intentional Reality Making, becoming the world’s first Reality Scientist. She has developed the only comprehensive Intentional Strength Training Programs that transform intentionality into the asset it really is. Also as a Doctor of Psychology, and a Strategist for top level personalities, she now specializes in helping highly-driven people harness their intentions and build their most intentional reality. 

The Link Between Intentionality, Influence And Power

It’s clear that highly intentional people are the planet’s most powerful creators. With the power of intentionality, they develop heightened intuition, intelligence and creativity— especially when they direct their intentions intentionally.

Influential and powerful, their energy operates like an amplifier, inspiring millions of people to help them bring their vision to life. It’s why many become thought leaders and visionaries who revolutionize leadership, transform industries and shape the future. 

Because they feel with such intensity, their intentions lead their lives, and the lives of others. Daily life is a playground. Constantly creating and wielding their intentions, everyday is a materialization of potential, and this is the reason they are highly successful.

The world’s most intentional people are the most productive and the most high-performing and are able to achieve their goals through their elevated confidence and self worth.

Directing their emotions effectively, their positive impact amplifies, triggering a cascade of positivity into the world around them. Intentional people are so positively influential that they get to live out their full potential.

For many, every day is a new level of productivity, prosperity, and profitability, and the desire for others to come along with the fun. They are focused on elevating the world around them and seek to share the success with everyone.

Because these powerful people direct their intentions productively, their intentions creating a whole new reality with infinite possibilities for everyone.

Everyday life is an unfolding of achievements, opportunities, and the highest levels of enthusiasm for the future. 

The Massive ROI of Intentionality

Intentional Reality in the world of Dr. Tracy Thomas and her Reality Making Team, she and all of her mogul clients understand that intentionality, and the art of creating intentional reality, in every moment of every day, comes with the most massive ROI of having your reality be made entirely of intentionality and all of the intentions you are here to create.

Intentional Reality Making allows you to gain anything you want, anytime you want it, to your specifications. The following things are just some of what a high Intentional Reality Making capacity can bring to your life:

  •  Purpose and Fulfillment in everything you engage in
  • Ever increasing wealth and abundance
  • Confidence and self worth based on the truth of who you are
  • Top health, with ease and flow in your collaboration and communication with your body
  • Dynamic relationships that add to the joy of life
  • Achievement of your goals and visions with collaboration and fun
  • Ongoing Upgrades to:
    • Business / Career
    • Influence
    • Relationships, with yourself, your partner, children, collaborators, co-creators, family, friends, and more
    • Infinite energy to move yourself forward
    • Excitement for every day
    • Insights and intuitive guidance for what will take you to the next level of success
  • Clarity and calmness
  • Strategies for success
  • Increased business prospects, influence, success and/or power
  • Financial flow, stewarding of wealth and increased earning capacity
  • Increased time, opportunities and life experiences
  • And more

Intentional people are very powerful in their reality making capacity, and yet, they need to be around other intentional people in order for them to be their best.

The world’s most intentional people need strategic support as well. It’s important for them to be around the highest level of intentionality so that their intentional capacity can grow infinitely and produce more of the material reality, wealth, and contribution they came here to create.

The world’s most intentional people always need to go to the next level of intentionality and what it is that they are here to create next. For them an infinite field of possibilities for their intentions to materialize is the best thing which allows them to fulfill their infinite potential.

The good news is that most intentional people are the ones who typically want to become more intentional and want to make more intentional productivity in the world, and bring forth more things that benefit more people.

The world’s most intentional people create a resonating positive intentional reality effect that positively influences everyone around them and elevates reality everywhere they go. Intentionality is so effective for them that everything they touch transforms into its highest form with ease and flow. Intentionality is so wonderful for them that they walk around in life in a feeling of glow, a glow they pass on to everyone they know.

The world’s most intentional people are the world’s most generous people because they know they have so much intentionality that they want to share it and spread the intentionality throughout the world. They operate at the highest levels of health and wealth into a new echelon of life where these become on thing: whealth! This is simply a way of being that their entire reality represents.

The world’s most intentional people are hungry for the rest of the world to come along and enjoy the reality field with them.

The world’s most intentional people have so much to give, that for them it’s about finding the people in the world that can collaborate with them at the level they are capable of, and when this happens they create some of the world’s most important innovations and contributions to society that have ever happened, now and in the future.

They literally transform the future for generations to come in an infinite stream of intentionality that carries on.

Is A Gift

As an Intentional Reality Maker, Dr. T has spent years living and refining a state of pure intentionality. She began studying Intentionality as a little one. Living in a highly-powerful household, she observed the power of intentionality to transform any situation. Using intentionality to elevate the reality around her, Dr. T has been a master of reality all along.

She learned to uplevel reality both in her own self, in her home with the family she cherishes, in the companies she has been leading, and in the world around her.

Training multiple celebrities, executives, leaders, and professionals, she has applied Intentional Reality Training with some of the most powerful people in the world. Through these transformations she has applied her intentional reality creating method, and transformed some of the world’s most extraordinary humans.

When powerful people direct their intentions effectively and purposefully, the depth of their intentionality elevates their intelligence, creativity and intuition, they can use their powerful creative capacity to create the life they’ve always wanted.

That’s when highly-driven people become the powerful creators they’re meant to be. They become humanity’s most important contributors.  Connecting with people intentionally, they become leaders with the relational ability to stir hearts and souls. 

And because they see what will benefit society most, they crystallize their vision, becoming the movers and shakers who shape the world. 

They also gain more money, time, and energy because they operate in pure intentionality. This mastery of intentionality allows them to maximize their productivity and profitability. They become more powerful, masterful, and influential every day. Unleashing their full potential, these highly-driven intentional people become some of the most accomplished and impactful people on the planet.

How To Turn Your Power Into Intentional Reality

You harness your intentions and turn them into your greatest asset. You give, receive and achieve MORE than you ever thought possible.

It starts with learning The Method© developed by Dr. Tracy Thomas. The Method© is designed so you rapidly elevate your intentionality, and apply it to your entire reality. Elevating beyond the concept of “working,” intentionality brings you into a reality of flowing, and allowing reality to come to you. Building on your intentional foundation, every area of your life exponentially improves. By elevating your level of intentionality, you will shift the whole of your entire reality. You’ll wield your intentionality with mastery and direct it with purpose. 

You’ll elevate your reality, and enjoying the ability to choose exactly what area you want to create more profitably.

Utilizing the entirety of your intentions will elevate everything in your system to operate at the highest frequency. Because intentionality grows exponentially, you’ll be able to accomplish an expansive level of evolution and growth in your reality. Because intentionality is a multiplier of reality, you’ll multiply your wealth and positive impact. 

Turning your Intentionality into your greatest strength, you’ll experience more of what reality wants to give you. 

Whether you want to elevate your status or become an inspiring leader to your family, community or business, you’ll have the intentional capacity to create the reality of your dreams.  A life of positive impact, Accomplishment, and Legacy. 

When you are driven purely by your intentions, you’ll make the contribution you’ve always dreamed possible. With Intentionality, you become a Master of Reality.

Transform Your Reality Through Intentionality

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