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“I am continually impressed with Dr. T and recommend her highly!”

Dr. T is an exceptionally talented advisor who is warm, powerful, strategic, and fun. Her willingness to be open, authentic, clear, and direct, allows her clients to explore new heights and a territory of success that has rarely, if ever, been seen and acknowledged as the truth of their real purpose and full potential manifested into reality. This facilitates the highest levels of self actualization and most importantly, the material realization of their most intentional life.

Dr. Adriana Popescu, Ph.D. Energy Psychologist and Author of “Conscious Being” and “Conscious Recovery.”

“Dr. T helped me discover my highest mogul self.”

For the first time in my life I feel like the best version of myself. I’m blown away by the development of myself and my business and it just keeps getting better everyday. I’m the most  confident I’ve ever been that I can handle anything with grace and dignity. The profitability gained from Dr. T’s program is off the charts.

Jeff Hatten – Real Estate Developer

“Creating with Dr. T is truly a gift to oneself.”

Dr. T’s process is innovative and fun, and laser focused on your intentions in a way that I’ve never experienced before. The Method© is something very special! Dr. T made me realize that I’m capable of all of the success I desire and that wealth generation isn’t just a trendy idea for other people to do. Dr. T helped me understand that wealth creation is something that I can get very excited about, which is a change from thinking about working for money which never motivated me intrinsically. Having graduated from being a client, just knowing Dr. T is out there doing what she teaches others to do gives me strength and I hear her voice everyday encouraging me to be even more intentional. She is dynamic, intuitive, incredibly smart and basically she gets it! I wholeheartedly recommend Mogul Tracy for anybody who wants to create a better life for themselves. Best of all, she makes the process of growth feel so genuine and safe, and a lot of fun to boot!

Rita Smith J.D. – Litigation Attorney

For the rest of your life
In place of ‘Working’
You are invited to the reality of moguling.

Where You Direct Your Intentionality
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Experience The Proven Mogul Method That CEOs, Celebrities, Professional Athletes and Top Performers Use To Raise Their Reality With Intentionality.

Moguling is a choice.

Moguling means stepping into your highest identity and creating your most intentional reality.

Moguling means you only have time for productivity and fabulosity, and you produce profitability for everybody.

Moguling means you are on your A-game 24/7. You’re Effective. Consistent. Productive.

Moguling means you’re consistently focused, strategic, monetizing and materializing a greater reality for society.

Moguling means showing up every day to receive the reality that you’ve created.

Moguling means you’re driving your reality with the purest of intentionality for society and for generations to come.

Moguling means you’re solid, strategic, and fluid and lucid in all of your decision making.

Moguling means you’re aware of your potency and impact on everyone, and you operate accordingly.

Moguling means you live in another realm of reality where leaders and pioneers are fostering a new world for everyone.

Moguling means you’ve gone beyond living life to creating life with detailed specificity and the intention to elevate the world exponentially.

Whether you’re a highly successful mogul at this point, or ready to be one, moguling is the reality of material wealth and luxury.

Moguling is an invitation to an echelon of fabulosity and every aspect of a luxury reality.

Moguling is the epitome of luxury where every intention materializes into reality, and where you elevate the world in the process.

Moguling is when you RSVP to the greatest party happening in the world and manifest your destiny.


The Mogul Lifestyle And Everything That Comes With It Is Available To You Now.

Moguling is for everyone in your reality

Moguling means elevating yourself with intentionality and bringing your entire reality with you.

Moguling is the greatest strategy in humanity for transforming anything.

Dr. T’s pioneering methodology of intentionality transforms everything in your reality to be at the top level of luxury. That means everyone and everything in your reality gets to come along.

When you step into Mougling, and build the reality you always intended, you create a new reality for generations to come.

With a top Mogul foundation, the ability for your reality to materialize is exponentially easier because the Mogul foundation is a rock-solid one.

The Mogul Transformation frees you to live the extraordinary life you were meant to live, and it enhances your materialization capacity infinitely.

Give Yourself the gift of moguling.

Access Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Through An Elevated Mogul Identity

Moguling is a way of being that is available to everybody who feel the calling

The Method© is Dr. T’s revolutionary Intentionality Training© framework, where you’ll elevate your intentional reality making ability into the asset it really is.

The Mogul Identity allows you to unlock more intelligence, intuition and creativity. Moguling allows you to create the powerful, highly-productive, consistent and influential life you’re meant to live.

Moguling means you’ll become intentionally strong enough to achieve everything you came to the planet to lead.

Start Moguling.
Receive the Reality You Know You are Capable Of.

Step Into Your Mogul Reality Now

Meet The Mogul Reality Maker, Dr. Tracy Thomas Ph.D

Discover How Dr. T Has Elevated Millions Of People Into Intentionality, And Into The Mogul Reality.

Transform Your Reality With The Pioneer In Intentionality Training and Step Into Your Mogul Identity Now.

Build Your Mogul Identity And Live Your Most Extraordinary Reality?

Hi, I’m Dr. Tracy Thomas, Ph.D

I’m the creator of the world’s first Intentional Reality Dynasty. As a pioneer in the method of Intentionality, I’m a thought leader and sought-after media expert in reality science, mogul reality making, and maximizing human potential.

Within my transformation dynasty, I’ve trained CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, influencers and top performers around the world. They’ve soared beyond their previous realities and transformed their lives with my proven, cutting-edge reality-making methodology called, The Method©.

It’s simple, practical and extremely effective.

Even the highest level realities requested of myself and my team have materialized through this mogul-making methodology and become ongoing success stories.

Over the years our moguls have built top intentional capacity to operate at their highest levels and bring their greatest visions to life. They get BIG results to make MASSIVE contributions to society.

The Method© is the top-level strategic solution our mogul clients have ever utilized― the transformation into Moguldom has been more productive in creating results than anything ever tried before.

As a Mogul Reality-Maker, I’ve dedicated my life to helping highly-driven, successful people choose intentionality and live out their Mogul Reality in the most remarkable, exceptional ways, that continually enlighten me in all the ways The Method© is applied.

Becoming A Mogul Brings About Top Reality Results

Moguling Means More Forward Momentum

Intentional Mogul Reality Transformation means you experience a forward momentum beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

Your ability to move forward becomes greater than anyone around you, allowing you to lead your reality the way you want.

Moguling Means More Flow

Using the power of reality science, the Mogul Reality creates a rapidly rise above the rest of the pack, allowing you to quickly build more power, stability, strength, fulfillment and impact than you ever thought possible.

Moguling Means More Wealth and Affluence

By upgrading your identity to a Mogul Reality you’ll build the capacity to soar past everyone and live the extraordinary life you desire.

The Mogul Transformation is designed to deliver BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER results and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

Mogul Fabulosity At Its Finest

The Mogul Transformation is the most efficient change a person can make to shift their life from one frequency of reality to another.
A Mogul Transformation allows you to transcend the typical trajectory of a human and family, and live an epic life of luxury and fabulosity.

Enjoy The Mogul Reality and Experience the Infinite Possibilities

Intentional Mogul Reality Making Is Available Now


“Dr. T has the answers”

Dr. T has all the answers to the world’s most difficult questions. 

The world would be a better place if we just put Dr. T on a stage and everyone got to ask her questions about what it takes to be a high performance person and then just let her riff.

 Suzanne Boothby – NY Times Best Selling Ghost Writer and Executive Editor of The Brockovich Report

“Thank you Dr. T, for making me feel unstoppable!”

I was very clear about what I wanted my life to be, I just had no idea how to make it happen. By making the investment in  reprogramming myself with Dr. T, I’m easily meeting my goals now. Thank you Dr. T for making me feel unstoppable!

Matt Beck – Founder and Ceo of Beck Investments 

“Dr. T's Method evokes insight and Inspiration!”

Dr. T’s Method evokes insight and inspiration! She reaches at a soul level, to provide the self awareness and the self-management needed to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life. She provides the emotionally intelligent roadmap to discovering the life worth living that we all seek.

Amy Sargent- Executive Director Of The Institute For Social and Emotional Intelligence and Founder and Ceo of Adept Support

“ I experienced transformation beyond what I thought was possible”

“Creating with Dr. T is an experience for people who are serious about changing their lives. She’ll help you shift anything keeping you from being your best self. The experience is full of love, non-judgement with the accountability that is critical to change.

The full results Dr. T provided has impacted my life on a fundamental level and in every way imaginable. Her process has changed my entire perspective on my world, and it’s completely evolved how I engage in daily life.

I highly recommend creating with Dr. T if you are looking for any type of change in your life, especially if you’re ready to rise above every other element that is less than your best. Dr. T is someone who can provide you the tools, guidance, and accountability necessary for the transformation that you think you want, in addition to, the change that she knows will actually help you the most. Creating with her has provided me with a life of freedom and fun, and I know all that she has done for me will continue to show up in ways that I cannot predict in the future.”

Selena, Account Manager

“Anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves needs Dr. T”

Dr. T played a critical role in my life when I was in a key time for change. I needed support to make a change and go in the direction I truly wanted to go with my career. She navigated me through it, helping me elevate to higher levels of career success and into an industry that was a much better fit for me.  She helped me realize I was courageous and strong enough to invest in myself and go all in for the better life that I deserved. Dr. T led me to understand the significance of my talent and value, and I’ve been on a better path ever since.
Today I can confidently say that I am in complete control of myself and my destiny. Everything is exponentially better because I am an exponentially better version of myself.

Julie Coulliard -Ceo Utilities Commission

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