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You are meant to feel joy every day—to be wildly happy, deeply purposeful, and fulfilled.

When you live your life in purpose, you transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be. And you don’t need years of therapy and struggle to get there.

Learn the secrets of The Commitments, and get ready to live your most elevated life.

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Discover the simple way to create joy, happiness, and live a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Developed by Dr. Tracy Thomas for a client list that includes celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, sports figures, and more,

The Commitments are finally available here, for the first time, to the general public.

Create clarity, certainty, and your new reality.
Use the four pillars of The Commitments to transform yourself for the better, now and for the rest of your life.


As the founder of The Method©, Dr. T specializes in guiding people through reality transformations. She holds a PhD in psychology, master of arts in organizational development, and bachelor of arts in business management, and she now spends her time developing courses, digital products, and self-guided content for total reality transformation. She leads a world class team of reality making experts, and enjoys life in the wine country of California, where she spends her time training, playing, and preparing for her next golf tournament.

What people are saying about

The Commitments:

“Dr. Tracy has done it again. Another paradigm shifting book that helps us turn the most challenging emotions into our greatest creations.”

— Aurora Winter, MBA, bestselling author of Turn Words Into Wealth: Blueprint for Your Business, Brand, and Book to Create Multiple Streams of Income & Impact Pathologist

“This book is a game-changer for people who want to be more productive instead of reactive. If you want to produce more and struggle less, The Commitments will transform your life.”
— Justin Stenstrom, Editor-in-Chief of

“If you’re looking to optimize your health, wealth, and success, the strategies provided in The Commitments give you the way to do it, minus all the stress. Dr. Tracy is the best in the world at helping emotionally sensitive people build the emotional strength they need to succeed.”
AJ Mihrzad, bestselling author and Founder of Online Supercoach

“Ready to step into your highest potential? The Commitments reveals how to create a life of intentional design, leading you to everything you ever wanted.”
— Selena Soo, creator of Impacting Millions

“Dr. Tracy Thomas’ expertise in the field of emotional science is groundbreaking. This book gives you the tools to start putting that emotional science into practice.”
Jessica Riverson, CEO of The Feminine CEO Broker

“Most of us want to be great—truly great—in life, love and legacy. By making a commitment with your Self, Dr. Tracy Thomas can help you make it happen.”
— Robinson Smith, financial educator, speaker, and best-selling author of Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom

“Emotional science is the forefront of how we’re going to evolve humanity and raise the level of the collective consciousness on this planet! Dr. T has provided an easy framework for those who want to bring their highest intentional capacity forward. As a fellow emotional scientist, I agree that it’s imperative that we embrace the idea that navigating our emotions is the real compass to greatness!”
— Jena Rodriguez, transformational mentor, emotional scientist, and growth strategist

“Dr. T has done it again, making it easier for the most sensitive people to use their sensitivity as their greatest asset.”
— Elena Herdieckerhoff, TEDx speaker, intuitive business coach, and Founder and CEO of Elena Herdieckerhoff Company

“For those that want to optimize their health, learning how to transform negative emotions into positive intentions is one of the essential elements needed to optimize health. The tools provided in the Commitments can make a dramatic shift in your overall well being and every area of your life.”

— Kyrin Dunston, MD, FACOG, Founder and Medical Director of The Hormone Club PC and Midlife Metabolism Institute and host of The Hormone Prescription podcast

“Learning how to transform negative emotions into positive intentions is one of the essential elements needed to optimize health. Dr. Tracy provides the tools to dramatically shift your well-being in every area of your life. The Commitments will help you increase your emotional intelligence and elevate your capacity to lead at the highest level.”
— Merrick Rosenberg, author of The Chameleon and Which Bird Are You?

“Dr. Tracy’s words evoke emotional insight and inspiration! She reaches in, at soul level, to provide the self-awareness and self-management needed to live a happy, healthy life. The Commitments provides an emotionally intelligent roadmap to discovering that life worth living we all seek.”
— Amy Sargent, Executive Director of the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence

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