In today’s world, even the act of living can become overwhelming.

Surrounded by constant pressures and obligations, and coping with our own emotional clutter, we become trapped as we try to maintain the semblance of a happy life, all the while feeling as if we are living below out potential.

But there is a way to move into a peaceful, fulfilled state of being—
all you need to do is reconnect with your true self.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, a strategist with more than twenty years’ experience in personal development, has created a paradigm-shifting technique for living life to the fullest, and achieving your full potential.

In The Method©, she shares her road map to achieving personal transformation by learning how to live truthfully with your deepest inner self through radical self-inquiry, assertive and rigorously accurate speech, and positive action. Most importantly, she teaches how you can be your own best coach, setting up a plan to deal with your personal problems, hang-ups, needs, and goals.

Now is the time to begin building an open and honest relationship with who you truly are, to discover what you really need, and to strengthen yourself from the inside out.


As the founder of The Method©, Dr. T specializes in guiding people through reality transformations. She holds a PhD in psychology, master of arts in organizational development, and bachelor of arts in business management, and she now spends her time developing courses, digital products, and self-guided content for total reality transformation. She leads a world class team of reality making experts, and enjoys life in the wine country of California, where she spends her time training, playing, and preparing for her next golf tournament.

Real People, Real Solutions, Real Success…

“This is more than a program, this should be required training for being a person. While I’m thrilled with my transformation, I just wish I’d met Dr. T 30 years ago.”
— Theresa, Speech Pathologist

“Working with Dr. T has helped me become the most connected, effective, powerful, successful version of myself. Using the tools I’ve learned from Dr. T I’m living life on another level where stress is optional. Now I get to choose what I want to create and live my potential any time I want to.” — Andrea, CEO
“Dr. Tracy is a human pain-killer. She helped me stop taking pain-killers and learn to become my own.” — Sarah, CEO
“Dr. T… She is compassionate. She is able to express YOUR feelings, as if she took up residency in your head. Look no further… She is the real deal!” — Linda, Mom

“I didn’t even know I could feel this healthy. I’m more focused than ever and have never felt better in my life. Issues don’t rule my life anymore, instead I’m stronger, happier, and energized for my future.”
— Mitzi, Real Estate Broker

“Beating chronic stress is the best. There is so much encompassed in this training, there’s not a person who can fail Dr. T’s program.” — Donna, Client Services

“You can only eat so many Kale salads. If you’re trying a lot of things and still not feeling the way you want to, building emotional strength is something you should try. Dr. T is convicted and enthusiastic about getting people results. You can only get so much accomplished going to therapy once per week, so I’m grateful I invested in myself and took the time to prioritize my health.”
— Amy, Consultant

“Everything that goes into being the best person you want to be is available here. The old way of trying to be healthy isn’t really working for a lot of people and what Dr. T does is a whole new way of doing things that really works. She really knows what she’s doing, so you can trust that you’re going to get what you want out of the program.” — Larissa, RN
“ Thank you Dr. T for my beautiful new life! Not only am I not being affected by all of the anger around me but I’m bringing smiles to many faces and loving every minute of it! Words cannot Express the joy I have right now. I’m so strong and powerful that I have the ability to transfer my joy to others and maintain a sense of peace in myself. I’m living the dream! I love you!” — Jessica, Dancer
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