Being The Most Powerful, Effective And Influential Mogul I Know How To Be.

Fulfilling My Intentions And Living A Mogul Life

An Elevated Life of Private Transformation, and Strategic Support With Reality Maker,
Dr. Tracy Thomas

A reality of elevated notoriety, productivity, focus, and inspiration.

As a mogul I’ve transformed everything I’ve every experienced into its most intentional level, and created a new reality that is the world’s first intentional dynasty.

I’ve done everything from helping my dad’s family build a successful dynasty, to being a high-level athlete, a top-level executive trainer, and a leader of millions of people who have benefitted from my strategy.

I’ve learned the ins and outs of creating an entire reality with all of the details and all of the expansion capacity.

I’ve learned how to utilize every bit of intuitive capacity to create an expansive mogul reality of fabulosity.

In my trajectory has included the most pure form of intentionality to elevate myself through a massive level of complexity within the reality of everything surrounding me.

I’ve been able to elevate myself as an academic, an intellectual, an artist, a musician, an interior designer, in fitness, health, and overall well-being, and especially in wealth, and financial creativity.

I’ve been able to mogul my way through every needed upgrade to grow my real estate portfolio, enhance my asset portfolio, and elevate those around me with increased intentionality from my mogul atmosphere of success.

I have transformed the most difficult realities into the most incredible destinies

That’s how I’ve helped people to live out what they have come to the planet to do.

I absorbed from my dad the awareness of making things happen on every level, using every skill and creative option possible.

I use everything I learn in all of my circles of influence, including my family, friends, and in my careers, to invite everyone to upgrade themselves to an elevated mogul reality.

Transform Your Intentions
Into Epic Mogul Reality

Create The Dynasty You Were Always Meant To Thrive In

What does it mean to mogul?

Moguling, as I learned it, comes from a higher purpose, having something so deeply spiritual that you recognize your reality is really a dynasty. Your family, community, country, and world are so profoundly beautiful that you step up and lean in to contribute to the highest intentions. You come through, close the deal, and complete the mission while bringing in the resources and elevating everything into something even better than it was before.

The mogul reality is 100% about being willing to be in charge of that reality. To put the highest purpose forth and drive people to that, and draw them into the vision of what’s possible.

Moguling, for me, is about a personal responsibility to a dynasty reality. This includes your empire, your family, the collaboration of creating a reality together that is meant to go into eternity. It is about carrying forward a reality so sacred that you only create it through intentionality so it is something that goes so far beyond your own dynasty family and your empire company that it inspires people indefinitely. 

I moguled on every team I was part of,
leading with intention

I Have Collaborated & Created With Many Teams

To Create Intentional Reality

Build intentionality into your top level mogul reality with Reality Making Pioneer Dr. Tracy Thomas, PhD.

Take Your Impact And Leadership To New Levels

Dr. T has created her entire life to be an Intentional mogul reality

Throughout her life she has developed Mogul skills to enjoy the full mogul luxury Reality.

For Dr. T moguling started early in life and has included:

In my trajectory with intentionality I recognized that moguling was the purest intention for my reality. To fully create my Mogul Reality I replaced any other words, patterns, and thoughts, such as working, with moguling. This transformed my reality exponentially.

Connect With Your Mogul Reality Now

Why Train With Dr. T?

You tap into 20+ years of experience and expertise in intentional reality making and maximizing human potential.

A Reality Scientist, Strategy Specialist and a Master Reality Maker, she has extensive experience and an exceptional ability to successfully training intentional people.

Dr. T is focused on results. With the training to create your reality, you’ll grow the intentional capacity to be consistently influential, powerful, productive, profitable, and peaceful.

Plus, you’ll open the full scope of your intuition, intelligence and creativity. That’s the power of an Mogul Reality.

“With Dr. T, I became very clear about what I wanted my life to be. By reprogramming all of my desires into intentions, I am enjoying meeting my goals and thriving in my success. Thank you for making me feel unstoppable!”

~ M.B. Real estate broker and entrepreneur

When you’re a guy from a high-profile family you have to know what you want. Through Dr. T’s program I got that clarity. I’m living life fully now. Being intentional with myself has allowed me to put my energy into what I really want, and now I’m free, I’m high functioning, and I’m focused.”

~ S.H

Build Your Intentional Capacity, And Get On With Impacting The World

With the Reality Making Team, you’ll experience custom, comprehensive programs that are built for your unique intentions — allowing you to elevate your reality to live as your highest level self with:

Customized Sessions With Dr. T

As soon as you start, you’ll meet with the Reality Making Team for incredibly powerful sessions that create absolute clarity to enhance your intentionality and focus for maximum materialization of your Reality. using Dr. T’s Rapid Causational Assessment techniques. Entirely customized for you, Dr. T will use her 20+ years of clinical experience and her own personal expertise to rapidly increase your intentional capacity. Accelerating your path and solidifying a cycle of manifesting success, you’ll transform.

Equipped with a strong intentional foundation, you’ll harness your intentions and focus them for top results. You’ll  enjoy the power, influence, energy, productivity and peace that comes with an intentional reality.

A Total Life Transformation

Intentional people like you often experience success without knowing how they manifest it. Learning to consciously use your intentionality to create your reality as you desire it to be is a skill that will transform your ability to consistently materialize anything in your life.

If you’re like most intentional people, you’ve seen the power of intentions and enjoyed the results of intentionality. Now you are ready to create consistently and effectively for bigger results, bigger influence, bigger impact, bigger creations.

With The Method©, you’ll receive full attention to the patterns underneath any action you are taking. Using Dr. T’s Rapid Causational Assessment methodology and numerous of evaluations through the lens of Intentionality, you’ll move beyond where you are now, to the next level of intentional capacity and creativity.

By combining this approach with her comprehensive program, you’ll strengthen your intentionality which will magnify your creative power. It’s one of the greatest gifts of an elevated life.

Full Access To The World’s Only Intentionality Training Library©

While you are creating your new reality with the Reality Making Team with a custom program to fast-tack your results, you’ll also gain access to the Intentionality Training Library© which delivers over 125 hours of transformational training modules.

This jam-packed resource of exercises, transformational techniques and tools are yours to accelerate your intentional focus on your own, outside of private sessions. Always growing, with well over 100 hours of expansive exercises, you’ll have a step-by-step roadmap to intentional mastery at your fingertips.

Transform your Reality with Intentionality

Turn Your Intentionality Into The Gift It Really Is

Here’s What Happens When You Build Intentional Capacity

In Dr. T’s private programs, you’ll experience custom, comprehensive collaboration that’s built for your unique intentions, allowing you to manifest and materialize the reality you visualize with authenticity, and become empowered to live as your highest level self.

With Intentional Capacity You Will Create

A high level focus ONLY on what you choose to have in your reality

Within months, you’ll experience a quantum leap in manifesting your intentions, growing to:

Entirely renewed, you’ll develop the intentional capacity to maximize your full potential and performance which:

Start gaining time, money and energy.

Accelerate your trajectory and in just months and live your purpose and potential in a life of your design.

This is a fundamental shift into absolute intentionality that exponentially elevates your reality.

Wield The Power Of Your Intentionality And Elevate Your Reality

Your Elevated Life Awaits...

Powerful. Influential. Creative. Unstoppable.

That’s what comes with intentionality— your Elevated Life.

As a powerful creator, you can reach new levels of professional and personal success.

You can unleash your greatest potential. You can finally exponentially expand your intentional capacity into the gift that revolutionizes industries, shapes the future and changes countless lives especially yours and your family’s.

You’ll direct your intentions with purpose. Operate at full intentional capacity.

Lead with conviction. Love with commitment. Connect with authenticity and emerge empowered.

This is a level of thriving you have dreamed was possible. It’s where liberty and freedom actually exist— where automated actions are directed with intentions.

It’s where you lived the elevated reality you’ve always deserved.

Transform your reality with intentionality

Elevate your reality in just months and create with your intentions the life of your dreams.