Dr. T is the world’s first Reality Scientist, an award-winning, reality-making strategist who’s transformed celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes and leaders of every industry.

She has developed a revolutionary, comprehensive approach to Intentional Reality Making called The Method©.

Observing, studying, and creating with Intentionality her entire life, has put Dr. T in the expert role on the Science of Intentional Reality Creation.

Being a scientist of reality includes observing what is factually occurring, as well as the individual interpretations of what is being experienced. Measuring the gap between the two and collaborating to close that gap with intentions to create the desired reality is what makes Dr. T the only Intentional Reality Scientist that brings transformation to individuals with a simple and straightforward strategy. This strategy is The Method©.

The Method©
the foundation for Intentional reality creation based on reality science

The Method© is a unique approach based on Reality Science.

Using 20+ years of experience and study into Reality Science and Intentional Creation, Dr. T directs you to embody your intentions, create your destined reality, and radically elevate your life.

Whatever you’ve tried that has gotten you this far, you are ready to take things to the Mogul Level. This results-driven, Method© will fundamentally transform you at the deepest levels, allowing you to accomplish in record time all you intend.

As a highly driven top performer, continually creating and looking for your next level of inspiration and reality creating capacity, your intentionality will be the key to your elevation into a Mogul Life.

People like you are the planet’s most powerful creators. You are thought leaders, innovators and visionaries, and when your intentionality is directed effectively it launches more success, wealth, and influence than you ever thought possible and in less time than you ever imagined.

Wield Intentionality. Elevate Your Power, Influence And Performance

Private access to Dr. Tracy Thomas, phd.

Being trained by Dr. T, you tap into 20+ years of experience and expertise in Intentionality, recovery and maximizing human potential.

As a Reality Scientist, Transformational Specialist and a Mogul Reality Creating Expert, she has extensive training and an exceptional track record of successfully strengthening Intentional People into their top level mogul reality.

Dr. T is focused on results. With the intentionality strength to rise above your current reality and create your top level success, you’ll grow the intentional capacity to be consistently influential, powerful, productive and peaceful in all of your endeavors.

Plus, you’ll open the full capacity of your intuition, intelligence and creativity. That’s the power of an Mogul Life.

“With Dr. T I became very clear about what I wanted my reality to be, With her guidance I knew how to make it happen. By reprogramming all of my reality into intentionality, everything created my top level mogul life. Thank you Dr. T for making me feel unstoppable!”

~ M.B. Real estate mogul

When you’re a guy from a high-profile family replacing addiction with moguling, you need someone to be in your corner. Being able to trust Dr. T, so deeply and completely, made all the difference in the world. After years of transformation, I’m finally moguling and living a life of intention. Being in control of myself has allowed me to put my energy into what I really want, and now I’m free, I’m high functioning, and I’m a focused mogul.”

~ Mogul Stephen

Build Epic Intentional Strength And Get On With Impacting The World

In Dr. T’s programs, you’ll experience a comprehensive program that’s built for your unique Reality Needs— allowing you to emerge with power, influence, and wealth like never before.

Reality Scientist, Dr. T

As a Reality Scientist, every aspect of reality is understood, categorized, and put into transformational protocols for society. Utilizing her proprietary Reality Assessing techniques, allows Dr. T and her team to elevate you into your top reality. Dr. T draws on her 20+ years of experience as a reality maker and her understanding of our in-depth reality scenario to increase your intentional strength immediately. Accelerating your path and elevating your mogul reality with ease and joy.

As a Reality Scientist who makes intentionality easy you are equipped with a newfound emotional foundation to direct your intentions easily. Using Reality Science to elevate you through the video game of life, you gain power, influence, energy, productivity and peace that comes with an Mogul Life.

Reality science:
The key to total consciousness

Intentional People like you often need a greater level of intentionality to manifest their destiny. The truth is that reality is very easy when you program it from intentionality.

The truth is that every aspect of reality can be programed specifically and designed to your exact specifications. That is the foundational reason Dr. T has focused her life on Reality Science.

With The Method© of intentionality, you’ll receive the full upgrade of your reality, with every aspect created to specificity. Using our reality assessment methodology you’ll move beyond surface-level strategies and into your top mogul identity.

By combining all of her Reality Science expertise, Dr. T helps you strengthen your reality making system to become your most intentional solution. The solution and strategy of intentionality is one of the greatest gifts of an elevated mogul reality.

Creating The World’s First Intentional Reality Dynasty©

Over the span of years as a Reality Scientist and Reality Maker©, Dr. T has created countless hours of transformational training, designed to elevate you into the mogul reality.

Her study of Reality Science has inspired her to create multi-dimensional reality transforming protocols that exist in a collection in her reality intentional mogul reality training library. 

Start Creating Your Most Intentional Life of Moguling.

Transform Your Reality Through Intentionality.

Here’s What Happens When You Grow Your Intentional Reality Capacity

In Dr. T’s Reality Programs, you’ll experience a custom, comprehensive strategy that’s built for your unique Intentional Reality— allowing you to emerge with your highest level identity, and your world class reality.

Here's what happens when you build intentional reality

Intentional Mogul Reality making means you’ll focus on the exact reality you want.

Reality Science reveals how you can experience a quantum leap in reality evolution and growth where you’ll:

Reality Science leads to your top intentional mogul reality dynasty because reality science:

Start gaining time, money and energy on a reality you truly love.

Accelerate your trajectory and your pace of creativity immediately and permanently.

This is a fundamental paradigm shift that exponentially elevates your life.

Wield The Power Of Your INTENTIONs And Create Your Elevated Life

Your Elevated Mogul Reality Awaits...

Powerful. Influential. Creative. Unstoppable.

That is the life of an Intentional Mogul©.

As a powerful creator, you can reach new levels of  success and live out a legacy of infinite intentional reality.

With Reality Science you can unleash your greatest potential. You can finally harness your Intentionality into the gift that revolutionizes industries, shapes the future and changes the world, especially yours and your family’s.

You’ll direct your intentions with purpose, and operate at full intentional capacity.

You’ll lead with intention, and reality-making expansion. You’ll connect with your higher identity and emerge as the empowered mogul of your reality.

This is a level of thriving that only certain people know is possible. It’s a realm where liberty and freedom are the norm— where intentional realities are transformed into generational destinies of elegance and wealth.

It’s where you lived an Elevated Mogul Reality that you’ve always known was possible.

Use Reality Science for Your Upleveling.

Shift into your top mogul identity in months and realize your destiny.