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How Will You Elevate Your Reality?

Exclusive Private Programs With Dr. Tracy Thomas PhD.

Are you a highly-driven top-performer who knows they could achieve so much MORE by Increasing your Intentionality, Productivity, Creativity, and Reality Making Capacity?

Instantly shift into intentional focus, productivity, WHealth, with premium, customized reality transformation elevating you into the powerful, influential, global leader you’re meant to be.


Transform your reality with The Method© and the only Intentionality Training Programs worldwide that empower you to intend, create, manifest, materialize, fulfill, and embody the reality you choose.

Strongly supported by community leadership, these Reality Creation Programs lay out the clear path to align you with your exact outcomes for the reality you are seeking to create, fulfilling your life’s purpose and potential.

VIP Moguls

Designed for massive results, this VIP Club offers the paradigm-shifting power of The Method©, in an intentional group setting.

In this group, you’ll rapidly rise to your greatest level of intentionality, becoming the most productive, consistent, profitable, and influential you, while also supporting and collaborating with others in their intentions. This creates a magnification effect that grows skills and results for the creation of ideal reality.


It’s why intentional people like you are the planet’s powerful creators– you’re pioneers and innovators– you’re the trailblazers of industry, improving human lives.

When directed clearly, your intentions are the driving force in your life. Elevating opportunities, situations, and collaborations, your intentionality creates an incredible cycle of success.

For highly-driven intentional people like you, this leads to incredible outcomes, abundance, embodiment of the best self, fulfilling and purposeful living that makes every day an enjoyable flow to be celebrated. This is felt in every area of health, relationship, business, and more.

The key is harnessing your intentions so your intentionality can become the gift it truly is— an asset for increased productivity, influence, wealth and power.

Elevate your
With Dr. T

You can create directly with Dr. T and her top-level team inside her Intentional Reality Creation Programs. All of them are based on The Method©, and all are designed to manifest and materialize the reality of your intentions.

Whichever you reality you desire, you’ll have a solid support system that fully outlines and completely clarifies your intentions for easy alignment with your purpose and create the reality you are meant to bring to the world.

Based in wine-country California, Dr. T works with highly-driven intentional people globally. Many are celebrities, CEOs, athletes and leaders who reside all over the world. However, they have one thing in common: their intentions center on living their best life. Chances are, if you’re here, you’re intending a top-level reality too.

With Dr. T, you’ll finally align with your highest intentions in the fullest way. Creating your greatest reality with your intentions, you’ll immediately enjoy an abundance of increased influence, health, wealth and power.

Discover The Method© That’s
Transforming Realities

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Designed specifically for high-level achievers, Dr. T has created a paradigm-shifting method for rapid intentional evolution and growth, allowing you to build the intentional foundation for maximum results.

Accelerating your path to intentional reality creation, The Method© allows you accomplish in just months a level of intentionality that creates transformation on an elevated level.

Infused with confidence and improved performance, this is where highly-driven intentional people become global visionaries, innovators and thought leaders. This is intentional reality.

Whether you prefer accelerated, exclusive attention or an intimate group format, you’ll become the most intentional version of yourself— living your extraordinary reality.

Transform Your Reality With intentionality

You are here to have a positive impact on the world, to influence and uplevel yourself, your family, and everyone around you, including your business, into a higher level of existence in a beautiful reality that will filter through humanity.

Rapidly Wield
The Power Of

Elevate Your Reality With Our Exclusive Private Programs

Are you highly-driven to make a global contribution, and ready to reach your full potential?

How much MORE impact could you have if you lived in full intentionality? What kind of world-changing legacy would you build if you could turn your intentions into epic success?

Find out with our powerful, accelerated intentionality training programs where you’ll harness your intentions effectively, increasing your power, influence, status productivity, profitability, prosperity, and peace.

Creating with the Reality Making Team, you’ll experience a fundamental transformational shift in the many layers of your intentionality foundation that will literally upgrade your reality.

These customized programs are 100% tailored for you so you experience rapid results. Within just months, you’ll permanently elevate your intentional capacity and create the exact, extraordinary future you want for yourself, your career, your business and family.

Opening up the full power of your intentions, intuition, intelligence and creativity, you’ll experience the abundant rewards of an Elevated Reality— and finally create the global impact you’ve always dreamed possible.

Harness The Power Of Your INTENTIONALITY

Elevate The World In The Mogul’s Club

Get Intentional. Start elevating.

As an intentional person, your Intentionality can propel you to incredible heights. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate with others who are creating purposefully in order to bring the best to the world in many different ways.

Join with the elite and rise together to turn your intentions into the world changing influence they really are, with this intimate VIP group – the Mogul’s Club.

Under Dr. T’s leadership, you’ll collaborate with a group of the top Moguls looking to create the highest reality for the transformation of the world.

Paradigm-shifting and comprehensive, you’ll hone in on your top level intentions, increasing your health, wealth, influence, impact and power— making you an elevated Mogul.

A Message From Dr. T

Hi I’m Dr. Tracy Thomas,

I’m the founder and designer of The Method©, the world’s first Intentionality Training for top reality creation.

Having succeeded in my own life, I know how essential it is to direct yourself with intentionality. If you’re like me, your reality is to create everything intentionally.

As a highly-driven, intentional person, you’re in the flow of your purpose. You create success, innovate in business, and care about the people in your life, desiring to elevate everyone around you, yourself, your family, your company, your community, the world.

This creates countless opportunities that keep you living your best life. Always upleveling and upgrading to the top of what you do, and doing it with intention to elevate everything and everyone along with you.

As an intentional person, you’re likely a leader in many areas of life. You’ve developed skills that support you to move things forward at a face pace.

Your capacity to fulfill your greatest potential depends on becoming the most intentional version of yourself. And like me, if you connect to the source of your intentionality, you’ll find that your top level skills, (yes, all of them), will magnify.

Directing your intentionality goes beyond goal setting or determination. It guides you to develop incredible focus so you can direct your intentions with purpose. Free to flow forward, you can create the life you truly want. You connect with your true self and tap into your intuition, intelligence, creativity, productivity, profitability, and flow.

Happiness, peace and peak health follow. For me, this meant creating a life of purposeful flow that uplifts others to be their most intentional and create their best realities. It meant clearing myself to be fully and only intentional. It meant permanently living my purpose and reaping the benefits of an elevated reality.

And it’s here, available for you.

This is your invitation. Only intentionality, only purpose, joy, fun, fulfillment.

Being the master of your reality, the reality you are creating.

Standing free. Connected and flowing. Elevating with the power and authenticity that’s within you right now.

Your elevated life awaits.

Mogul Tracy

Transform Your Reality with Intentionality

Elevate your reality in just months and create with your intentions the life of your dreams.

Get Intentional. Experience A Fundamental
Transformation In Your Reality.

Elevate Your Reality

Live Your Legacy

Grow Your Power

Grow Your Influence

Thrive As Your Most Intentional Self

Transform your reality with intentionality

Elevate your reality in just months and create with your intentions the life of your dreams.













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