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Dr. Tracy Thomas has helped countless clients change their most stubborn patterns – and the secret is to shift them. Rather than focusing on what you don’t want, you can move toward what you do. Anything you intend is possible, and by embracing The PatternShift™ you’ll be able to make the upgrades you deeply desire.

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Create clarity, certainty, and your new reality.
Use the the skill of PatternShifting™ to transform your reality for yourself and everyone around you.

Discover the simple way to create joy, happiness, and live a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Developed by Dr. Tracy Thomas for a client list that includes celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, sports figures, and more,

The PatternShift™ is finally available here, for the first time, to the general public.


As the founder of The Method©, Dr. T specializes in guiding people through reality transformations. She holds a PhD in psychology, master of arts in organizational development, and bachelor of arts in business management, and she now spends her time developing courses, digital products, and self-guided content for total reality transformation. She leads a world class team of reality making experts, and enjoys life in the wine country of California, where she spends her time training, playing, and preparing for her next golf tournament.

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The PatternShift™:

“Dr. Thomas declares that anything you intend is possible, and then she shows readers how to transform any area of their life. The book is engaging and easy to follow. There are concrete techniques and tools provided. This is a great resource for a business professional. This book is worth reading!”

—M. M., Author

Another Smash Hit
The PatternShift™ is another smash hit by Dr. T, giving all of us another shot at bringing more luxurious intentionality into our lives in the simplest, easiest way.”


A Masterpiece That Will Transform You
The PatternShift™ is a masterpiece that will surely transform millions of lives. Dr. T’s teachings on how to patternshift your reality are breathtaking as they bring you into a higher

echelon of life that is pure luxury.”

—TERROON KIBWE, Actor and Producer

Advice That Makes It Easy To Do
“Changing patterns may sound hard, but it actually isn’t with this advice. Do yourself a favor and read this life-changing book!”

—CAROLINE KALENTZOS, Influencer and CEO of Posh PR

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